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Do I Need Exclusive Representation?

Real estate clients need to understand why exclusive representation is vitally important. Mark Hulsey, Results Commercial, explains why a mutual exclusive relationship meets the client’s goals & provides accountability to the buying or selling process. Learn why it’s in the best interest of the client to have a dedicated professional looking out for them every step along the way.

Meet the Team: Jessie Higgins, Operations Manager

To keep a commercial investment brokerage boutique operating at the top of their game is no small task. Jesse Higgins, seasoned pro in commercial real estate, talks with Mark Hulsey, Managing Broker of Results Commercial about her background and role in their brokerage business.

What is Due Diligence?

What makes or breaks a deal? Due Diligence! The smartest investors & property buyers understand it’s all about due diligence. Mark Hulsey knows all about due diligence from an investor & broker perspective. Lower your risk by understanding due diligence.

Does Zoning Matter in Commercial Real Estate?

If you don’t understand and verify zoning in real estate you could be setting yourself up for a very big problem. Take a minute and listen to what Mark Hulsey, veteran commercial broker, has to say about this essential due diligence item. This first step of knowing the zoning and use can make or break the deal.

Real Estate Investing: Location Always Wins

Who doesn’t know, Location, Location, Location?! The ultimate cliché of the real estate industry. But there more to the story of location & real estate than meets the eye. Get the straight scoop from Mark Hulsey, why location doesn’t just matter in real estate, it’s everything!

Net Lease Categories Explained

Join Hayden Hulsey, CCIM, as he breaks down the asset categories within the Net-Lease world. As our economy shifts & changes, it’s essential for NNN investors to dive-in to each of the categories to understand where the opportunities exist.

Net Lease Cap Rate Ranges Today

Do you know where cap rates are trending in today’s net lease market? Let Hayden Hulsey, CCIM, provide you the guidance you need to understand the potential return on investment within the primary NNN categories.

Real Estate Investing: Appreciation

Mark Hulsey, veteran broker & investor, the underlying fundamental power of appreciation in real estate. Knowing how to use appreciation with depreciation and OPM is a potent combination for building a powerful real estate investment portfolio.

Real Estate Investing: Other People's Money (OPM)

Learn the big reason why real estate investing is the number one way of building wealth. OPM is the key to how investors create passive income by using Other People’s Money, OPM! Mark Hulsey, Results Commercial, will explain why real estate is so unique to building personal wealth as compared to other strategies.

Pandemic & Commercial Real Estate

This once in a lifetime catastrophic pandemic is having an enormous impact on the commercial real estate industry. Mark Hulsey, Results Commercial, will provide his insight during this phase at the end of 2020.

Real Estate Investing: Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR)

Do you know what Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) means? Mark Hulsey will give you a brief and simple explanation of this critical lender underwriting requirement. Essential for investor and owner/occupants to understand DSCR.

Real Estate Investing: Manage the Manager

Real estate investors looking to succeed in building wealth need to understand the fundamentals before moving to the next level. Mark Hulsey, Results Commercial, discusses his blog article on property management so investors can lay the groundwork for building a high performing investment portfolio. Follow the link to read the full blog post: 

How to Value Commercial Real Estate

Whether you’re buying, selling, or brokering commercial & investment real estate, it all starts with what it’s worth. Mark Hulsey easily breaks down what can be a complicated process of how to value commercial real estate. Learn from a veteran investor & broker what you need to know before you buy or sell.

What are Recourse Loans?

Recourse versus Non-Recourse Loans – do you know the difference? This is critical to understand when buying commercial real estate. Join Mark Hulsey, Results Commercial, as he gives you a quick & simple explanation so you know what you’re getting yourself into with a Recourse Real Estate Loan.

What is Cap Rate?

Cap Rate is an essential return on investment measuring tool. Let Mark Hulsey at Results Commercial share with you a simple way to understand what cap rate is all about and how to calculate it the right way. Commercial investment real estate & NNN asset values are based on the cap rate.

Does Fiduciary Matter in Real Estate?

Fiduciary isn’t the most exciting topic, but it’s essential anyone involved in a real estate transaction clearly understands what it means. Let Mark Hulsey from Results Commercial give you a quick & simple understanding of why Fiduciary is so important & how it protects buyers & sellers of real estate in ways they didn’t know.

What is the Best Real Estate Investment?

Don’t miss commercial investment broker, Mark Hulsey, Results Commercial, as he discusses what you need to know as you enter the world of real estate investing. After more than 30 years in real estate investing, hear what Mark has to say about the number one wealth building strategy. You might be surprised to hear his answer to, What is the Best Real Estate Investment?

How to Sell a Commercial Property

Yup, you guessed it. Selling a commercial or investment building or land takes a lot of know-how & resources to do it right. You need a smart team of experts to maximize your equity and get the deal done. Valuation, marketing, due diligence, & title are just the tip of the iceberg. It is a complicated game. Let Mark Hulsey, Results Commercial, Minneapolis, MN, tell you how they have sold hundreds of millions of dollars of commercial properties over the years.

10 Steps to Sell Your Commercial Property

Selling commercial real estate is a complicated process. Mark Hulsey, a commercial investment expert will make it simple for you to understand the 10 Steps to Sell Your Commercial Property. Mark will explain the how your commercial broker will value the asset, market & sell it, and get it done at the closing table. Mark & his team at Results Commercial based in Minneapolis, Minnesota knows what it takes to get commercial properties sold for the highest dollar for their sellers.

5 Reasons to Buy or Not to Buy Net Lease Investments

Net-Lease Investments, aka Triple Net (NNN) are one of the best commercial real estate investment choices to create a passive income stream. Net-lease properties are the best investment for many high net-worth investors looking to own commercial real estate assets without the typical headaches. Hayden Hulsey, CCIM, with Results Commercial specializes in absolute net-lease assets. Take a few minutes a learn more from Hayden about NNN investments for sale in Minnesota & across the US.

5 Tips for Selecting the Best Commercial Broker

Finding the best commercial real estate broker in Minnesota, the Midwest, or across the US is not easy. Mark Hulsey, Managing Broker of Results Commercial will share with you the 5 Things You Need to Know When Selecting a Commercial Broker. Mark and his team based in Minneapolis | St. Paul, MN specialize in representing sellers of commercial properties. He will tell you the top things to look for when interviewing agents and brokers.

1031 Tax Exchange

When selling commercial & investment real estate, owners need to know the taxable consequences like recapturing of depreciation. The IRS may have a large portion of your cash proceeds due to them if you don’t know the rules. Get the straight scoop on 1031 Tax Exchanges from Hayden Hulsey, CCIM and Mark Hulsey, Results Commercial based in Minnesota & Wisconsin. You decide if a 1031 exchange is right for you – reinvest & defer your capital gains or pay the tax man?

Why Refer Your Commercial Lead?

Commercial sales & leasing assignments are best handled by experienced commercial agents & brokers. Mark Hulsey, veteran broker at Results Commercial in Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota has worked with hundreds of industry professionals on referral business for over 20 years. Mark explains why it’s essential for the seller, buyer, landlord, or tenant to be protected & guided by a commercial investment professional.

What Does it Cost to Sell or Lease Commercial Real Estate?

Do you know what it costs to sell a commercial building today? How about leasing a retail or office space? There are many considerations in the acquisition & leasing process to understand. Plus, the lender has their specific requirements for down payment, reserves, and capital improvement allocations. Hayden Hulsey, CCIM & Mark Hulsey, Results Commercial, Minneapolis | St. Paul, MN will tell you what you need to know about the fees & expenses involved in buying commercial & investment real estate.

Residential vs. Commercial

There are countless differences between Commercial Real Estate versus Residential. Whether you’re an investor or owner-user, it’s critical to understand how commercial works. Join Mark Hulsey, Results Commercial, as he explains commercial & investment real estate sales in Minnesota and across the US. Let Mark shed a little light on the huge world of commercial real estate.

The Fundamentals of Commercial Leasing

Leasing offices, retail storefronts & industrial properties are a specialized business. You need to understand how Landlords think about Tenants & leasing costs compared to the Tenant’s point of view. Commercial leasing is complicated with ample risk for both sides. Join Hayden Hulsey, CCIM and Mark Hulsey, Results Commercial, Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN, as they explain what you need to know about leasing commercial spaces.

How Much Money Do I need to Buy Commercial Real Estate?

Buying commercial real estate is quite different than residential! You need to understand how much money it takes to buy commercial & investment properties. What is the down payment banks require on a commercial deal? How about seller financing? Mark Hulsey & Hayden Hulsey, CCIM will quickly explain what must know to buy your commercial building or land. Results Commercial has been helping buyers & sellers of commercial real estate in Minnesota & Wisconsin for over 20 years.

Is There a Good Time to Buy or Sell Commercial Property?

Is it okay to sell a commercial building in the winter or fall? Everyone talks about the spring market when selling a house, but is that the same for an office building or retail property? Mark Hulsey, commercial investment expert with Results Commercial, based in Minnesota, will explain when you should sell or buy commercial properties.

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