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February 2020

February 2020: Commercial Clichés

I recently developed a new commercial real estate training program with loads of detailed commercial brokerage information but added a section with a little lighter tone titled, Commercial Clichés. We all have our favorite “lines” we seem to always come back to within our respective industry. I certainly have my go-to clichés that seem to roll off my tongue sometimes a little too often. Here are just a few of my favorites. See if any of these ring true to you.


September 2019: Top 9 Due Diligence Contingencies in Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Every real estate investment professional understands the “money is made on the buy.” It’s about nailing it at the acquisition phase which is often focused on the purchase price and for good reason. But we’ve come to learn over the years that the sales price is only as good as the due diligence the transaction must stand up to.

MARCH 2019

MARCH 2019: Top 5 Tips When Selecting a Commercial Real Estate Broker

Many people planning to sell or lease their commercial building don’t know where to start when selecting a commercial real estate (CRE) broker. Trying to find a qualified CRE pro to properly handle the sale or leasing of an office, retail, industrial, or commercial investment property in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro can be challenging.

MAY 2018


We know ‘change’ is the one constant in life and business. In commercial real estate, change continues at a rapid pace with new technologies, marketing platforms, and brokerages competing for a piece of the pie.



It’s a well-known industry axiom: “Commercial follows Residential.” And, with commercial real estate (CRE) inventory at one of the lowest levels we’ve seen in years, this principle holds true again today. 

April 2020: Real Estate Today: Questions & Lessons

As I listen to the media and industry prognosticators, including those in real estate, clearly everyone is an expert at everything. For those of us who’ve been through many business & economic cycles, we can try to predict where things are headed from what history has taught us, the data we’re mining today, and our own unique professional expertise.

December 2019: How to Select a Commercial Lender

Throughout a normal work week, the seasoned brokers at RE/MAX Results – Commercial Group are playing matchmaker in one way or another for our clients. It’s how we get business done. Often, we’re connecting commercial & investment real estate buyers with the best lender and bank options as we consider all circumstances surrounding the transaction buyer.

JULY 2019

JULY 2019: The Two Critical Factors in Selling (or Not Selling) Commercial Real Estate Part II: Property Pricing

In Part I of The Two Critical Factors in Selling (or Not Selling) Commercial Real Estate Part I: Market Demand, I suggested there are two main reasons why commercial properties don’t sell. I discussed how understanding Market Demand is not only critical to the disposition process, but it’s often misunderstood. In Part II, we are going to dive into property pricing.

MAY 2019

MAY 2019: Establishing List Price: Underwriting the Asset

As commercial real estate (CRE) brokers focused on taking investment properties-to-market, it’s critical we approach each building or asset the same way a lender would. Before we establish a list price with our client, Results Commercial brokers must underwrite the asset.


DECEMBER 2018: Leasing. It's Complicated.

Landlord and Tenant Representation is a core practice at RE/MAX Results Commercial Group for retail, office, and industrial property leasing. Unless a commercial broker is working everyday in the Twin Cities leasing market, it’s hard to know what you just don’t know.

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