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Mark Hulsey knows all about being a successful RE/MAX Commercial broker – and he’s sharing it all in this new RE/MAX University course.

Published 10.2.2020

Written By: Katharine Davis, RE/MAX Denver


Question: What do apples and zebras have in common?

Answer: About as much as residential and commercial real estate. The two are drastically different, says Mark Hulsey.

That’s why the Titan Club Team Leader, Hall of Fame member and Lifetime Achievement recipient – a 17-year veteran of the RE/MAX Commercial network – is sharing his practical, tried-and-true knowledge with the entire RE/MAX network. Hulsey’s new RE/MAX University course, “Become a Top Producing Commercial Listing Broker or Team,” is designed specifically for residential agents looking to expand into commercial real estate but also for established commercial pros. Using real-world examples from his day-after-day, year-after-year success strategy – from marketing to developing business to growing strategically and more – the course provides information not found in other educational offerings, according to Hulsey.

“This isn’t theory. This is ripping through very specific information the network needs,” Hulsey says. “It delivers relevant, tangible, practical, money-making information.”


“If you’re in the commercial business, you’re going to dig the new course. And if you’re on the residential side: Eyes and ears wide open because you’ve got a lot coming at you.”  – MARK HULSEY


“It’s just loaded to the gills with information,” he says. “Hold on tight.”

Hulsey and his team, leveraging an “extraordinary referral base,” pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in referral fees.

“That’s what the network needs to understand – to best serve the clients, we can keep these transactions within the network. We don’t need to go outside of RE/MAX for quality commercial brokerage,” he says.

The RE/MAX network, in his opinion, is built for entrepreneurial professionals. That’s why Hulsey wants to invest in its growth through agent development and education.

“RE/MAX Commercial gives me the platform to go do what I do best: build a business and commercial brokerage,” Hulsey says. “From the agent angle, it’s the best place for those of us who are entrepreneurs, who want no limit to do what we do. The brand has tremendous power and clout with the commercial consumer.”

“Become a Top Producing Commercial Listing Broker or Team” is available for all RE/MAX Affiliates through RE/MAX University.

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